Thursday, August 7, 2014

Each Child is a Blessing!

Today is one day closer to our due date of our fifth baby, fourth to be born (our first sweet little one is at the mercy of God through miscarriage). Our due date is this Saturday, August 9th! So so very close!!

August 9th has been this very important date that always seemed so far away! It carried excitement, nervous apprehension, mystery and blessings!

And now it is almost here!! We are very excited to be welcoming our third little boy into our arms and into the arms of our other three children's as well!

Our oldest son at the ripe old age of 6 is very excited! He has been washing and hanging up all the baby clothes and adding matching bibs to every outfit he can find! All the diapers are in the right places and all the cloth diapers are folded nicely thanks to our oldest son! The other day after helping me fold and hang laundry he ran out of the room and down the hall. I could hear him opening up the dishwasher and putting dishes away. He has entered into a new stage in life. He has become aware of his mothers needs and his fathers role. He is making connections between how helping me is adding something to him that will bless others when he's older. He has spoken to me about being married one day and helping his wife when she is in need. He recently told my husband that he is thankful for all his hard work and for bringing money home so we can have the things we need. Watching this little boy develop slowly into a somewhat older boy and seeing all that he is taking in and experiencing is again such a mystery and a joy! I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of this young boys life and get to hear his joys, fears and new understandings!

Now our second born is a little girl and what a mystery she is!! She is filled with awe and wonder of the world around her and the possibility of magic really existing! She is curious, intense, affectionate and at times fiercely aware of her will and how it must be respected. Her experience and understanding of a new little brother being born is so different than her big brothers! She is enamored with the idea of him recognizing her voice in the womb! She has been the one that is completely enthralled when the baby kicks. She runs over and places her little hand on my belly and her voice changes to a sweet motherly little voice "Hi baby...its me your big sister" At times the baby has rolled around when she begins talking. She becomes mesmerized by this interaction! She goes on and on about how she is going to help with the baby but with mischievous eyes and a cute little grin she always adds "but Im not going to help with changing diapers" followed by the sweetest giggle. :) Her four year old little feminine mind is filled with wonder of the world around her and her ever growing excitement about being a girl and being different from her brothers and being like her Mama, the other girl in the family. :)  Like I said...she is such a mystery and such a beautiful little soul!

And then theres are little wild boy!! Our two year old little guy that has the world to conquer and the mountains to climb! He is filled with an intense sense of his ability to move and pick up the things and people around him :) He growls, grunts and his new excitement is putting two different words such as "Hi...Mama" together! He knows there is a baby in Mamas tummy but past that Im not sure how much he quite understands :)

All three of our beautiful children have such amazing gifts to give to the world and to one another as siblings! I think it really is true that one of the best gifts you can be a part of giving to your child is a sibling if that is Gods call in your life. I am very excited about entering the four children life style! Im nervous but excited at what it will bring! Please pray for me as I come even closer to our due date!!