Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crocheting Projects for our new baby!!

Hello all!!

I just had to share all the crocheting projects I have undertaken in the last week!! I am definitely nesting! My house may not be super clean but our new baby arriving in a few weeks will be warm and super cute in all his new items!!!

Above is his "wear home from the hospital" hat!! It was super fun to make and literally I was able to finish it in a few hours!! He'll be our little aviator!!

I love this one too!! Its small enough for a newborn so he'll probably be wearing this one during his first few weeks!!! Im just loving the rich greens and blues!!

Here are some fun items!! These are for sizes 3-6 months and will be for the cold months!! Alittle mouse hat with green instead of pink ears!! And little ankle booties!!

I am loving this blanket! The colors are just so HAPPY!! My 6 year old son was very excited! He called these Captain Americas blanket and boots! I might just have to make a hat to match this blanket in the coming days!!!

A monkey hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire engine red cowboy boots!!!! These are for a 6 month old!!! I LOVE these!!
They were alot of work but worth it!!

     All of these items below were given to a friend at her baby shower!! What a fun day that was!!

A little girls hat and bracelet!! The hat looks kind of lopsided in the picture but when its on its evened out :)

This hat was so fun to make!!!

Made to match my friends baby's colors: pink and turquoise! And it matches the hat above!!!

So far these are all my crocheting projects in the last month or so!! Cant wait to make more!! Hope you enjoyed checking them out!! Id love to see your crafty projects too!!!


  1. What beautiful work! Prayers for your growing family!

  2. Thank you! And thank you for prayers...prayers are always welcome around here!!