Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Couponing Binder

Here is a little addition to my last post. I wanted to include pictures from my home binder!

Obviously heres the cover:) It is just an old photo album

Then I started off with a plastic sheet cover that I can insert a paper into. I wrote some encouraging words about being a stay at home wife and mother to, well, encourage me! The writing is kind of hard to make out but it basically says how important my job is as a stay at home wife and mother! I also added some fun vines and flowers around the edge to brighten it up a bit!

The next page is on Morning Prayers. It has a bible verse and an exert from the Catechism. They really spoke to me especially in my vocation as a wife and mother so I included them.

Now at this point no laughing aloud :) This is my 10 week chore list. If it doesnt feel right I can always change something on it and honestly I dont follow it all the time but it is nice to have on hand on those days where I know I need to get things done but I just dont have the drive to figure something out. The imagery in the background is from one of my favorite visions in Revelations of the New Heaven and New Earth where God will be our Light and the river of life flowing through the city with the trees that bear healing fruits on either side. I just love this vision that John has and I thought it could be my background for my chore chart to encourage me and remind me of how my work can also be a prayer!

Now at this point I use dividers to  mark different sections. I like the colored ones because they are easier to find especially if some of your papers tend to be larger than the dividers. The color really stands out and I can find them faster.

This is an example of one of the sections that I use the dividers for. This one is marked BILLS. Here is a chart I rarely use but should use ALL THE TIME!! It is for bills. I can list the bills that come in, how much they are and when I paid them.

Now we can talk about my couponing section!!! I start off with some loose leaf paper and I go on Couponmom.com and check out what stores have sales that correspond with the coupons I have. I write down the deals that are either free or where Ill be saving atleast 80%. Then I pick and choose what stores to go to. For instance yesterday we went to Harris Teeter and Target and saved roughly 60% overall! I bought some planned items and then at Tearget I got some great deals with their clearance items! So below I have listed the different stores plus the price of the item before coupon- the price of the coupon and the end price. I write down how many coupons I have for this item and then I make sure to check that I have the coupons in my binder.

And here are just some pics of my coupons sitting so nicely in the baseball card protective sheets!I just pull out the ones I need and when I get new coupons I just insert them in the spots that   they belong, for example by category and expiration date. I love this method!

Well, I hope this was fun and informative!! And I hope that couponing doesnt seem so scary and daunting now...well at least a little easier that is!
 Happy couponing!!!!

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  1. I love this! I really need a control journal like this!!