Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blessings of Fertility

I wanted to share our story. My husband I were civilly married young and people started saying things to me like "You need to be on something" speaking of a form of birth control, so I went and got on the depo shot. It made me super depressed and it just felt weird to not have a period for 2 years straight. Well, after about 2 years into our marriage I was invited to a Catholic Church and decided to give my life to Jesus and started going to RCIA(Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). I learned that for my husband and I to have our marriage blessed in the church that we had to take these NFP courses. I started learning about the Creighton method and the Church's teaching on contraception ( that we are not supposed to use birth control). We started taking the classes and a whole new world opened up for me. I never knew all the amazing things that were going on inside my body every month and I never knew that by using contraception my husband and I were sharing our lives together but we were guarding and keeping the gift of our fertility from one another. After charting my cycles for a few months my NFP counselor saw that I had low progesterone, a common sign of a women having been on the depo shot. A little while after that we saw that we did not have agrave reason to space and we were excited about our new life and being open to life! We found out we were pregnant soon after. But we had a miscarriage and I was completely devastated. My progesterone dropped very low and I fell into a DEEP depression and no one really understood except my NFP counselor. I continued to chart and saw that my cycles were very short and that my progesterone was very low. I saw first hand what the depo shot had done to my body. But because of the Creighton method and the information it offers through Pope Paul the VI institute we were able to use bio identical progesterone to help sustain my next pregnancy and 9 months later we had our first-born son! We went on to be blessed with our daughter, another little dear boy and now expecting our next little one, all through the grace of God and the gift of having the knowledge of the Creighton method and knowing that we needed progesterone. This is a topic that many people dont realize about the different NFP methods, that not only can it be used for spacing pregnancies for serious reasons but also it can be a beautiful gift for knowing when there is something that is not quite right. It has had huge success with helping couples who have been unable to conceive as well. God blessed our marriage in many ways but He crowned our marriage with the knowledge of the gift of our fertility. Now we can recommit our wedding vows every time we come together intimately by sharing every part of ourselves including our fertility...what a gift! A gift that was hidden from me and many others for so long.

May God bless you all with love of Christ


  1. Congratulations on your new addition in the womb Rhiannon! We just welcomed our #5 Peter Julian. It was nice to hear your story on finding creighton and progesterone. I was on it for the 1st trimester but so far so good on the PPD! I mentioned my use of progesterone for depression to 2 of the drs here in my OB practice and one had the nerve to tell me that it was likely a placebo effect and was not really useful in treating PPD. I think if Dan had been there she would have had another think coming!! Anyway glad you are doing well and I love the couponing posts too!
    Katie O. ( formerly from Steubenville!)

  2. Thanks so much Katie!!! Congrats on your sweet Peter!!!! Im glad your doing well!! Im so sorry through that with the doctor...some of them are so ignorant when it comes to fertility education