Monday, September 9, 2013


Tonight my husband and I watched a youtube video of a young Rabbi giving a talk on the ten commandments. It was the most amazing view of the uniqueness of God and people, individually and in relationships. It got me thinking about my personal uniqueness and that of my husband and our relationship with one another. Then I started thinking about each of our children and their uniqueness. I was washed over by the powerful thought of loving God, myself and others with this uniqueness in mind. The love would be endless and so extremely personal.

When I think of God being particularly God and having his qualities that are his very own it makes my relationship with Him even more intense and pure.

When I think about other people, each and every person as being unique in and of themselves, suddenly I don't have a strong desire to be like them because I know its just...impossible. They are them, I am me and that's it. I can sit back and love them because there is this wonderful and beautiful boundary between us that curiously brings us closer together.

And when I think of myself as being exclusively me...I am overwhelmed with excitement at not having to go outside of myself to "find" myself. Ive been there all along! I suddenly feel possessive of my past and memories instead of trying to push them away and get rid of them. Rather I feel like each and every bit of my life is part of me whether its an encouraging memory or a life learning lesson to grow from. I don't feel so scared anymore of myself or others from my past that I was in a way ruled by from fear before. If God went through all the work of making I want to get to know that person. I want to get to know this very unique and precious God of this amazing universe and I most certainly want to delve into knowing my husband and children even more intensely because we are each so incredibly made and so exactly ourselves and no one else. was a great talk.

His name is Rabbi Mordechai Kraft and the video is called
The Ten Commandments of Lasting Relationships