Tuesday, November 13, 2012



This word carries so much weight...time...worry...stress...patience...prudence...release...new beginnings.
I find my family in a new stage of waiting. My husbands schooling is almost over and the next chapter in our lives is just around the corner. We have no absolute concrete knowledge of where we are going though. Its a good time to really stop and continuously pray and trust in Gods providence and His plan for our lives as a family. I have such peace in my heart knowing that God is creating the perfect place for us to be able to further His kingdom and wherever it is that He places us will be ideal for the specific gifts that He has given us and all the experiences that we have had. I am so thankful for His great Love and His gift of human dignity and person hood, so that we may express Him fully through our continued gift of ourselves to Him. 

Like this picture above, we sit in expectation of the goodness of Gods Life to bring forth whatever it is that He is masterfully creating. All I know is that He is an amazing artist painting with the most brilliant of colors, his brush strokes leaving trails of stardust in the heavens and roaring waves pour from His majestic fingers and the fields of flowing grass and wildflowers knitted together from the lovely spindle of green and pinks and purple beauty. He is there in every moment breathing joyful anticipation into my heart and continuously calling me to follow Him into all new lands and worlds of wonder! 

Do we serve an amazing God or what! WOW....
I am so grateful that I have been given the gift of being able to 
know Him intimately , serve Him fully and Love Him unconditionally!

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