Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jesus crucified

I have just spent the last 30 minutes drawing a picture of Christ crucified, but it wasnt till the last 5 minutes or so until I looked into the eyes of my drawing of Christ and started thinking what was it that he felt, experienced and how did he interact with the world around him in these last moments. I saw pain, deep sadness and at the same time a moment of privilege which sounds funny but when I think about it this moment was His moment (in a certain way) of his entering into His Kingship. He had been made worthy in chastisement (in a sense-Hes always worthy) in being scourged.  He had been crowned in His coronation with the crown of thorns,  and He had walked the long walk holding the heavy Cross to His place of veneration on the cross. There He is looking out upon His kingdom knowing all that a good and mighty King must do to save His people and He was beyond willing to do it. I am so in love with Him, my King and Savior. He envelops us in His powerful act of LOVE and MERCY on the cross. He looks out upon us with the most genuine look of charity and at one of His last moments He says " I thirst"--He thirsts for us so deeply He gives everything...His very self.

Please help me Jesus to see You as my King daily and to look deeply into Your eyes and see the mighty gift you have given and the deep privilege and power that  You posses from this great moment high on the cross having given it all.

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