Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ora et Labora

Cleaning and important are these things when children are involved? VERY VERY IMPORTANT! I just spent a good hour (during the baby's nap) vacuuming and cleaning upstairs with the kids. I opened the windows, aired out their rooms, vacuumed their floors with their help (toddler and preschooler) and made sure their toys were organized in their correct baskets and containers. I went down stairs to do a load of laundry and when I went back upstairs it was very quiet. I peeked into our daughters room and she was curled up on her little toddler bed, covered up and just staring and being very quiet. Even when I said something to her, she just lay there so content. 
     This moment was so special to her, I could tell. She was able to just relax and enjoy her room without the mess or the inside lighting. She could really enjoy the sun and the organized clean space. I am so happy to say that this got me thinking....this house is going to get organized and clean and aired out! This might be obvious to some but to me living in the baby years right now I tend to forget how cleanliness and organization is a very important thing (other than the obvious things like clean bodies and good food). This morning I had to fight the urge to sit down on the couch and relax. Instead I headed upstairs and cleaned and cleaned and boy am I thankful God gave me that extra push!  My little girl had such a special moment, not to mention how the two older kids played and played in their clean rooms and didnt fuss for a long time...just enjoying each others company and all the room to play in!

God really does give great joy to us through our work    Ora et Labora

Peace to you all and may Gods grace fill your hearts and your homes!

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