Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not always being liked

"It is good for us to run into opposition and to have others think badly of us, even when our intentions are good. For these things help us to be humble and rid us of pride. Then we seek God more earnestly, Who alone knows our inmost self, when outwardly we are ignored and discredited."
                                                                                                  Imitation of Christ Chapter 12:1

This brought me great comfort today. I have recently been dealing with this very experience. I have good intentions and try very hard to be pleasing and good but everything I do comes out wrong to another and it drags me into a depression. Thoughts and feelings of being "never enough" and "incapable" and things of this nature swarm my thoughts and leave me feeling so alone and just plain miserable. But as I read the above passage today it got me thinking about some things.
       1) I have great worth. Worth so deep that it cant be measured or be taken away, no matter what I do                          
wrong or right
        2)  I have been thought of by God since before time began. He held me deep within him and thought of                                                      me and planned my life and how I would be and all those wonderful things before the foundation  of the universe was fashioned by His mighty hands. And no persons opinion or feeling toward me good or bad can change that ( no anger intended in this statement)
         3) And since Im thought about and kept in existence because of this thought of God, then I really dont have to worry about another person thinking of me or putting value on me to give me this value that I crave.

Now Im not saying I shouldnt look to another for love or compassion or all those good things, but I am saying that it is not necessary for my existence, for my joy or my peace, for all those things come from God above. I still hurt though when I am not accepted or thought about in a purely loving way by another, especially someone I care about. But if I can love another person past the lack of love expressed to me than I feel that charity can really blossom in my heart because Im not putting up expectations for another to pass in order to receive my love.

Thank you God for loving me so deeply and for holding me so close to your eternal heart.

My prayer today is that Love can become in our hearts what god intended it to be...not what the media portrays it to be. And that forgiveness and charity can reign in our lives daily!

God Bless You

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