Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love in Heaven

I was talking to a friend today about loving people. I was telling her how much I love people and how I have  this great desire to love people but there is always something getting in the way, whether its the other person not wanting to receive my love because maybe its just too much or not presented the way that their comfortable with or other times its me with my imperfect love that can be tainted with selfish desire or the desire to love another so they will love me back. All these different "things" that get in the way...ugh. But then suddenly I saw it. I saw how heavenly love will be so WONDERFUL. Just to explain, I always thought of heaven as being very lonely and maybe even dull in the sense that all the things I can think of as being great or entertaining or amazing all come with a body or a place or time and since those things dont exist in heaven I was having a very hard time getting excited about going to heaven. Of course I knew I definitly didnt want to go to the other place, thats for sure. So, anyway back to my main point. I realized today that in heaven we can just LOVE one another purely and fully and have no barriers or restrictions and we can Pray for people ALL day and never get tired and people wont mind or think were crazy for caring so much about them. People wont mind if we love them! This idea gets me so excited. Helping and loving people is fantastic but like I said can be tricky sometimes...but in Heaven it will be just so... Beautiful. I want to spend more of my time and space and relationships with this idea in mind that "the Kingdom of God is among you" and that way I can truly love another person by staying close to Christ and the sacraments and then live out that heavenly love here on earth. This is SOOO exciting!

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