Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I had an amazing moment yesterday. For most of my life Ive been in a constant state of waiting. Ive waited on things to change, Ive waited on becoming a better wife, mother, friend etc. Ive waited on being able to sew a quilt, bake a pie, make yummy homemade bread. Ive waited on feeling forgiven for sins, Ive waited on other people to completely forgive me of my past sins. Ive just been  in a perpetual state of waiting. But yesterday for a brief moment I went to the place emotionally and mentally where I prepared myself to check in and see what I need to do and how I need to change and you know what happened. NOTHING. I had a feeling of contentment! I was just fine, I had baked bread that day, I had exercised, I have finished an entire quilt a few months ago (thouhg it took me 7 years), I was caught up on laundry and dishes and I was really comfortable with my self in Christ. I dont know if Ive evr had a moment like that before in my whole life. I just stood there waiting for something to happen, but no just pure contentment. So I sat down and accepted it...I have entered a new stage of life...this is exciting!

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